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re.verse, the band of at the core of their company RVRS416 Entertainment, was originally formed as a trio comprised of 6-string electric bassist/producer/engineer Damian Matthew, guitarist Robb Cappelletto, and drummer/producer Chino De Villa. The initial achievement of the project was creating a compact live band with an unprecedented large sound that amalgamated the potential of both a flexible live ensemble with the flow and expert curation of a refined DJ, able to connect sounds from different eras and remix/mashup on the fly while using their background in jazz improvisation to make each performance and song interpretation unique. As a trio well versed in the broad spectrum of hip hop and urban music spanning new and old generations, re.verse sparks new life into a diverse array of current and classic instrumentals that continue to shape our sonic landscape.

The team has evolved over the years, from their humble beginnings as a small passion project, into a mainstay of the Toronto urban nightlife and music scene. In 2018, re.verse is now expanding beyond the trio and covers into their own creative capacities, with a growing collective of connected artists possessing refined skills and limitless creative possibilites ranging from production and writing to recording, mixing and mastering music. Maintaining a penchant for top notch quality sound at every step of the creation process, re.verse’s future endeavours will speak volumes in the future musical climate.

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