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Lisette & Tyler


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Lisette & Tyler are a captivating couple who share love, a passion for music, and a drive to
keep the musician career alive. The full-time music duo entertains across Southern Ontario performing at venues, events, weddings, private parties & stage shows. From experienced cruise ship entertainers to full-time gigging musicians, L&T have been sharing their growing repertoire of cover songs and originals alike since they first started dating in 2012.

L&T combine their unique styles and personal interests to create a modern acoustic folk-pop sound complete with both smooth, soulful vocals & acoustic depth and edge. Ty pulls classic rock influences from bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd along with both classical & jazz training from Berklee. He often gets comments on how his intricate acoustic guitar playing is unique as it mirrors electric guitar stylistic choices. Lisette has old country roots, borrows vocal riffing styles from pop music, and also has jazz & classical training. They both began their music journey together while studying jazz music in university and the rest is history. From rock to country, pop to jazz, L&T combine it all with a rare acoustic vibe that has left a lasting impression with audiences both on land and at sea..

Lisette & Tyler released their debut album titled “Lost at Sea” in 2020 earning them over 10,000 streams on Spotify for their first original music release. This 4-song EP was written while they worked on cruise ships, and speaks of happiness, love, mental health and self- discovery. The duo share 4 years working together in the cruise ship entertainment industry, 7 years of performing music together and 20+ years in the field of music.

From performances at venues such as the Cosmos stage at Caesars Windsor, L&T have traveled abroad and performed at venues across Southwestern-Ontario, in the United States, and even the seven seas while working on cruise ships.

L&T focus much of their free time to sharing content, networking, and keeping in touch with their followers, friends, family and fans on social media.

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