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Leon Ruvel

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Leon Ruvel’s music is intense and romantic.

According to Ruvel:

“I compose and write both for those in love, and for the brokenhearted; for the ones whose beings and souls are in danger, or at peace. At the end of the day we all have been on both sides of the coin”.

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leon Ruvel (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, and harmonica) grew up in Mexico, where daily living is a rush; a contrast between black and white, good and evil, but always a country full of art and romance. These factors forged Leon’s sensitive music and influenced his songwriting. His repertoire ranges from love songs to protest lyrics.

Leon Ruvel´s music, accompanied by his piano and guitar, makes a distinctive sound in the genre of rock-pop and soft rock. His way of setting beautiful lyrics to slow and upbeat melodies finds its way into the hearts and minds of people from different cultures and ages.

Leon was a member of different bands from 2003 to 2014 performing around Mexico and Canada.

Following his heart, he decided to start a solo project and settle down in Vancouver in 2019. He recently finished the recording of his first EP that includes three songs of his own. All instruments are played by Ruvel. The EP was recorded and produced by Murray Yates (gold record-winning artist and music producer) at Echoman Records, in Vancouver B.C.

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